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I travel to the Dominican Republic on a regular basis, usually two times per year. The hints and suggestions are based upon observations and experiences from close interaction with local people and their families. No attempt is made to become involved with the quality of the all-inclusive hotels, their food or their service. Should you want to read reviews about hotels on the island, I suggest that you go to Rather, it is my intent to offer common sense suggestions for those travelers who want to be more involved with the local people, learn some Spanish and soak up the local culture. Most travelers to the DR either love the country or hate it upon their return home. There seem to be few opinions in-between. Too many persons get sick in the DR so the health section of this site should be read carefully.

For those going to Sosua, you may see from the map, there are really two parts to Sosua; the busy commercial section with many businesses and restaurants  in what is called El Batey and, at the other end of the beach, is Charamicos. Cabarete , on the other hand  is a closely integrated beach and town about 20 minutes away from Sosua. This web site deals  for the most part with Sosua, and Cabarete, rather than other parts of the island. If, after reading the information on the site, you would like to add your own experiences, please e-mail me at Your insights and experiences into Dominican Culture can be included as  'letters to home' on the understanding that not all material can be put on a web site.
Email Merv for the latest list of available laptops and prices if you want to take your own laptop. Now many hotels and restaurants have wireless where you may connect and get your mail. However, I suggest you use an internet café in Sosua or Cabarete as an alternative. They are many in both places right now. Prices are usually 20 pesos for a few minutes.
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